Is this a lie?

There became a non-expected proceeds of trips of our Comenius project. After arriving home from our visits at partner – schools in abroad we always made reports about our experiences. We made this with full of mimics and feelings. Children loved it. First of all the presents.

One of them fell so much in love with the countries that in the free-time he was always looking them. (Luxembourg, Ely, Lleida, Solingen, Baie Mare, Sieradz, Istanbul).

And than came further questions: „Where else have you been, Robi? How far is it? How did you go there? With whom were you there? With Márti?” I listed the towns, the distances, sizes of the air planes. Everything. Jancsi was flying because of the pleasure.

Of course he continued it at home, and asked further questions: „Daddy, are we going to Luxembourg?” His father’s heart was almost rived. He knew how much his child would love it. But he also knew that he was not able to fulfil it.

This boy with autism doesn’t know geographical borders, so his father had a great idea: when they go on a longer trip at weekends, he will name these places countries. So Jancsika was happy, all the day was full with calmness and laugh, and so was the father having a look at his son.

Is this a lie?

„Robi! Do you know where I’m going to go at the weekend? To Denmark, if God helps.”

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